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Airport Rendering
Airport Rendering
New terminal interior

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On January 14, 2013, after three years in the making, the new, world-class terminal at Duluth International Airport opened for business. The $78 million project was a catalyst in boosting the local and state economy by awarding 110 contracts to more than 90 companies, which created more than 300 sustainable construction jobs.

The LEED silver-certified 110,000 square foot building was designed to reflect and showcase the region, always keeping the passenger experience in mind.

New and improved passenger benefits include:

  • Multiple pick-up and drop-off vehicle traffic lanes, offering more convenience for passengers
  • A separate commercial-vehicle lane to alleviate congestion in front of the terminal
  • Spacious entry/exit vestibules
  • Two main levels, conveniently connected by centrally located escalators, stairs and elevator
  • Numerous windows on each side of the building to allow for natural lighting
  • Streamlined Transportation of Homeland Security (TSA) baggage and passenger screening
  • A comfortable 400-seat passenger waiting area, complete with amenities, such as Wi-Fi, TVs, multiple in-floor outlets for electronics, vending, restrooms, and a restaurant and lounge
  • Modern and efficient accommodations for processing international flights by Customs and Border Protection (CBP)
  • Two baggage-claim carousels to provide passengers quicker access to their luggage

The new terminal also meets the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and post 9/11 TSA requirement, as well as the American with disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines.

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