It was a great trip. We really liked the airport.

You only remember the airport if you have a bad airport experience. But if things go smoothly, all you remember is your vacation. Or your business trip. Or, if you’re part of a flight crew, you remember how everything from touchdown to takeoff went off without a hitch.

And that’s how we do things here at Duluth International Airport.

In the past few years, we’ve made over $24 million in upgrades to our airfield and facilities—including Category II instrument landing capabilities which minimize delays in foul weather. Plus an auto-pay parking system and in-line baggage screening process that improves security and convenience. And with plans for an all-new terminal, we are continually working to expand and improve.

The Duluth FAA facility provides 24-hour radar approach services and air traffic control. Our fixed base operator, Monaco Air Duluth, offers complete corporate and general aviation services. And 24-hour U.S. Customs assistance is also available at the terminal.

Additionally, the Duluth International Airport is proud to provide the following services and information:

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